The Messy Man Sandwich

Warning: Do not eat this sandwich wearing a white shirt or in front of anyone you're trying to impress...this sh*t is MESSY!


  • A Bun (unless you're on one of those wimpy no carb diets, in which case you can just go munch on a head of lettuce...wimp).
  • BBQ Pulled Pork (I used a Hormel Sandwich Maker says it serves two, but they aren't foolin' anyone).
  • Thick Slice of Swiss Cheese
  • Kosher Dill Pickle Slices
  • Potato Chips (I used Lay's Limited Edition Siracha Chips)
  • Macho Mayo


  1. Assemble the sandwich... do you really need directions, bro?
  2. Dive in face first and go to town.

The flavors of the BBQ pork, cheese, and Macho Mayo go together really well, and the pickles and chips add some much needed crunch and texture. This sandwich is super messy and leaves you walking away full and feeling like a man should after a meal. Now wipe your hands and face on the nearest towel (or shirt) you can find, and if that won't do the trick, run outside and hose yourself down, ya filthy animal!