What is Macho Mayo?

Macho Mayo is a flavor exploding, mouth full of heat with enough spice to put some hair on your chest! This smoky, spicy spread tastes great on your favorite sandwiches, or enjoyed as a dip! If you prefer to eat like a man, try Macho Mayo instead of boring old traditional mayo. And by all means, stop putting ranch on everything...wimp!

So there we were, the men cooking in the kitchen with our family, as usual. (Yeah, we do the cookin'. Modern men do that). The particular batch of garden-fresh jalapenos we were workin' with that day were just too damn hot to enjoy raw. So, we decided to roast 'em on the grill to cool off the kick a bit. Yet even after good roastin', we were left with a seriously spicy batch of peppers! The rest, as they say, is history.

100% Veteran Owned

Macho Mayo has been growing through our local network as a fun alternative to traditional mayo. Everyone who tastes it says, "you've gotta sell this stuff." So guess what, we're selling it!



Cook Like a Man: Here's to Manly Food

When men get in the kitchen, we don't like to follow recipes or take some other chef's advice. We like to create new things based on the flavors we love. Put the measuring cups and cookbooks away. It's time to go with your gut and make something new and delicious.

Macho Mayo is a perfect replacement for the cliche ranch dressing, the same old barbecue sauce or that boring bland mayo that's been sitting in your fridge for who knows how long. Don't be afraid to experiment with new flavors and add some heat to your traditional meals. We are constantly throwing new dishes together and finding new ways to use Macho Mayo, and we want you all to do the same. If you have a great recipe, send it to us and we'll post it on our blog!