Macho Mayo Gift Pack- One of Each Flavor

Macho Mayo Gift Pack- One of Each Flavor
1x 9oz jar of Spicy Roasted Jalapeno Macho Mayo
1x 9oz jar of Zesty Roasted Green Chili Macho Mayo

The perfect gift for holidays & special occasions- spoil your family, friends, colleagues, and clients with this gourmet mayonnaise that doubles as a dip.

Gluten Free

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Less calories & fat than traditional mayonnaise

No Sugar

Great as a spread or a dip

Made in Kansas City


Our Story

A few years ago, Macho Mayo was created by accident.  It all started when a guy made jalapeno poppers for friends and family that ended up tasting too darn hot to eat.  So, he mashed them up in a bowl, added some mayo, and spread it on a burger instead.  What resulted was the perfect sandwich/burger spread, as well as a great tasting dip. Friends and family insisted this “dippin’ spread” be shared with the world.
“Tastes good on everything but ice cream and cereal…”